Senior Photos at 4-H Camp? Say Less!

When Harley & Chessany found out that they would be my teen counselors at 4-H Camp, they immediately thought about having some of their Senior Photos taken at a place that has been a huge part of their lives for the last 9 years, and I HAD to say yes!

4-H offers so many diverse opportunities for students and is a pivotal part of many young people's lives. West KY 4-H Camp is located in Dawson Springs and provides a week long experience for children from this end of the State. Children can participate in activities like rifle, ham mocking, outdoor cooking, fishing, boating, hair & makeup, photography, archery, and drama. These activities build the foundation for some of these kids futures, and create lifelong friendships amongst the campers.

4-H camp holds several traditions, such as Sally Down the Alley, Karaoke during meal times, Flag raising & lowering, the dreaded swim test, gaga ball, and the end-of-week Mega Relay, which Harley & Chessany's team WON this year! #GoGold (this was also my team, but we're not bragging or anything).

Check out their images below!

I'm so glad I got to capture one of the most important parts of their lives at one of the most special places to them!

Being a Premium KB Senior has MANY perks- but this has to be one of my favorites. Choosing 4-H camp as one of their locations has frozen a moment in time they'll never forget- they will have their memories and these photos to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Special Feature

Sally Down the Alley

What is Sally Down the Alley? It's a dance...a sometimes embarrassing, fun, energetic dance that is done at the nightly dances held throughout the week. However...Sally is also West KY 4-H camp's unofficial mascot; a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer owned by Nicholas Womack. See -> isn't she lovely?